Hi, I’m James - an English guy living in Hong Kong1 - into technology, photos, comedy, smashing telly, Apple, iOS/Mac development and, of course, the weather.

I’m on Twitter for day to day stuff and links. I sometimes post photos to Instagram.

I do a bit of iPhone development and have an app on the iTunes AppStore - HKWarnings. More details can be found on my iPhone development blog.

Interested in Gitea and host my own instance. Also Gotify, Shlink, and Jekyll - this site is built with Jekyll and deployed using Git (bare repo2, post-receive hook3).

I’m on GitHub too.

I’m one of the current developers of Sequel Ace:

Sequel Ace is the “sequel” to longtime macOS tool Sequel Pro.

A list of my Sequel Ace PRs.


  • Migrate query history to SQLite.
  • Bundle migration.
  • ARM migration.
  • Secure Bookmarks.4
  • GitHub update manager.
  • Performance enhancements/tests.
  • Unit tests.
  • Many bug fixes.

Some of my repos:

I also try to contribute to:

Also the occasional Gist:

Love Docker and have a few repos on Docker Hub. e.g. docker-phpservermonitor-nginx - source here.

  1. For the moment. Moving back to the UK on May 1st 2021. 

  2. What is a bare git repository? 

  3. Post-receive hook docs. 

  4. My intro docs